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7" Turbo Cut disc

From $7.25
7" Turbo cut disc is made from Silicon Carbide particles for the toughest cutting jobs. 7/8 arbor made for 7" side grinders. Also comes in the 5" size with 7/8 arbor. Blades have a multi-purpose use on: granite, marble, concrete, slate, wood, select tile. when u want a VERY AGGRESSIVE blade this is by far the best u can get.
7" Silicon Carbide d


This item is available in the following models

Model Code Retail Weight Information
7" x 7/8 Silicon Carbide Turbo Cut disc 7" Turbo Cut disc $8.00 0.00
5" x 7/8 Silicon Carbide Turbo Cut disc 5"Turbo Cut disc $7.25 0.00
7" x 7/8x22mm Turbo Cut hard back 7" Silicon Carbide $9.00 0.00

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